What can you build?

Let me answer with another question:

What can you dream of?
If you imagine it you can build it!

Yes this things are very cool, but why no instruction to build them?

We believe in you, We just give you the inspiration, you have to do the rest. We challenge because we are sure that you can build this examples and much more!

We don´t like anyone to tell us what to do, so we don´t do so.

Do you still need help? Ask your daddy or mom, play with a friend or siblings. Working toguether we can get further!

Ecofriendly? I heard that many time, but what does it really mean?

The best ecofriendly product is the want that is never produced, no raw materials consumed, no energy wasted or CO2 in transport.

We believe that making a high quality product you will have a lot of years of play and enjoy, so imagine how many cheap toy will you spare with one iungo.

Also iungo is made is raw wood, produced in small family companies in Europe and sold only in Europe.

hei dude, is not the price a bit expensive?

Expensive is when you pay more that their value. Remember that you are buying a piece of design, quality materilas and hand finished. Someone have to cut the wood, make the pieces. Another put it on a beautiful box and send it, finally other guy will take it to your door, and every body have to take a piece of the cake!

Think that if you buy "cheap" someone else is paying a high price, probably with long working hours or low salaries and this is no the World that we want to build with iungo

Now with this beautiful wood you mom have no excuse to keep your creations on the livingroom!


Yes! I wanna have one