This is iungo

A perfectly minimalist wooden device for all creative folks.

iungo™ is not a toy but a design piece, born out of a vision to develop creativity, self-expression and a child's love for Nature. Inspired by prefabricated concrete beams used in Architecture, each piece can be joined in an intuitive way. So no instructions needed. Raw Walnut, Oak and Ash allows children to discover the beauty of materials, sounds and smells from Nature.  iungo™ was designed as an alternative to all the plastic toys that flood the market today. Toys full of electronic components and toxic materials. Not this one! Simple pieces with endless possibilities, challenging children and adults to explore their creative limits.

We wake up love for design and honest materials in kids. We make design for creative minds.

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The Keys

Natural wood

IUNGO™ was designed as an alternative to all plastic toys that flood markets actually. Toys are full with electronics components and toxic materials, but not this one!


Simple pieces but endless possibilities, challenging kids and adults to explore what imagination can build. With IUNGO™ the only limit is your imagination!.


Play with Design by usign natural material and strong aesthetics

Back to nature

How does wood smell? How does wood fell? How does it sound?
Pieces are made with 100% wood, no treatment, no paints

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